Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What is your #digcit SPF?

We all love summer--the relaxing times at the lake, at the pool, camping, playing ball, and socializing. We all know we must protect ourselves from the sun's rays. Just as we protect ourselves from the sun, we need to protect our online presence. Summer is a great time to examine your online digital presence and take the time to protect it and clean it up! May's CHS STOPiT class focuses on examining our online selfies, hashtags, photos, and posts and taking the time for some "digital dusting"!

Even though this information was designed for our STOPiT class, all CHS students should take the time this summer to organize and clean up your digital presence so you will be ready to start off the new school year with a POSITIVE social media identity.


This presentation was used for May STOPiT. The original presentation was created by Mrs. Heather Callihan, GINW Tech Integration, for a presentation for York Middle School.


  1. This is a great idea and resource for our students and their parents!

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