Sunday, May 15, 2016

CHS student iPad Check-in

CHS student iPad check-in for students who will not be keeping their iPads for the summer will be in the hallway by Mr. Vincent's room, during homeroom on Wednesday afternoon!

Juniors will be called first, followed by sophomores, and then freshmen.  Students who chose a lease option and who have completed their paperwork and turned in their protection fee money will NOT go through iPad check in.

Before you can officially check out of school, you need to turn in your iPad and equipment, and take care of any technology fees that are due.  To make sure your check-out process goes smoothly, please review the following information:

Ms. Wolfe and Mr. Evertson will be checking in iPads Wednesday during home room in the hallway by Mr. Vincent's room.  We will NOT sign for check-in unless ALL of the following conditions are met:

  1. Be sure you have a current backup BEFORE Wednesday.
  2. Turn off "Find my iPad" (Settings-iCloud)
  3. Reset the iPad by choosing to erase all content and settings (Settings-General-Reset-Erase all Content and Settings).
  4. You must turn in a charger (or pay $15) and cable (or pay $10).
  5. You must turn in your school-issued case, if you have one.  
  6. Your iPad must be in good repair.  You must pay $85 if your iPad is need of repair, unless you have NOT had a repair yet this school year.  If you have not used your free repair for 2015-16, we will take your damaged iPad and there will be no fee.

When we have your iPad, charger & cable, and you have paid any fees due, we will sign your check-out slip.

If we run out of time during home room on Wednesday, the check-in process will continue after the state track send-off on Thursday morning.  Students will be called by name to the hallway to complete their technology check-in.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks, and have a great summer!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Tech End of Year Procedures

As you close out the year and clean out your rooms, please refer to the following regarding technology items.

  • All Staff with assigned computers and/or iPads.
    • Computers, iPads and peripherals
      • If you will not be returning to the district next year, please return your computer, chargers, adapters, any peripherals, and your iPad to Patty at the HS office. There are several things you need to do with your iPad, and Patty needs to make sure these things are done or we may have problems with your iPad in the future.
        • Do a backup of your ipad (settings--icloud--backup--backup now)
        • Remove any passcode lock on the device (settings--passcode--turn off)
        • SHUT OFF FIND MY IPAD (IMPORTANT!!!!)--(Settings--icloud--Find my ipad--turn off)
        • Erase device (Settings--General--Reset--Erase All Content and data)
        • Turn in iPad, Charger, Case & Keyboard (if applicable)
        • Your computer does not need to be "cleaned up" because it will be wiped out and configured from scratch.
      • For returning staff, please store your computer, accessories, and iPad securely or take them home with you. For computers, keep in mind that there are always new updates being released, and if it is not on and connected over the summer, it will be very slow until updates are completed when your return in the fall.
      • Except for libraries, labs and your teacher computer, please turn any extra computers into the library or office of your building. If you have need for extra computers next year, please let me know by sending an email request and I will do my best to accommodate you, but ALL computers need updates so please turn them all in.
      • Be sure to secure adapters and remotes for overheads and other AV equipment, etc.

    • Student iPads (Elementary)
      • Place chargers and cables from your home room in the appropriate boxes in your room.
      • EL student iPads - Please make sure you have your students do the following:
        • Power down the ipad (make sure it is off, not just asleep)
        • Make sure the iPad is labeled with the student's name.
        • Place class iPads in box or grade-level cart. These iPads will be returned to the student next school year.

  • Classified staff with no computer or iPad
    • If you will NOT be returning...
      • Your email (Google) account will be suspended after your last day. Please make sure that you have forwarded any important messages to a private account.
    • If you are returning, please make note of your account and password so you can use it next year.  There will be occasional important announcements set out via email, so it is best if you can check periodically over the summer.

  • All staff: Accounts and e storage
    • eBackpack files you wish to save need to be moved to My Files, ePortfolio, or downloaded and placed in google drive.
    • Schoology accounts will NOT be deleted, nor will resources be removed. We have not yet determined the status of Schoology for next year, but we will update teachers as more information is available.
    • Google drive - Any files (such as those stored on the desktop) not in google drive should be moved or copied to your google drive folder. This is the only place which provides backup protection for your files.

    • Departing staff
      • Your Google Apps account will be suspended after your final day. If you need more time, please contact Dave in his office or at to make those arrangements.  
      • If you have files you need to take with you, use Google Takeout to archive old data.  Google search for “How to archive my google apps data” for instructions, or follow this video.  You might also find this blog post helpful.
      • Create a folder in your google drive for replacement staff if you would like to leave files for them.  Ownership of ALL remaining files in your account will be transferred to them when your account is disabled.  You will want to delete all files (after archiving with Google Takeout) that you do not wish to transfer.  DO NOT DELETE THESE FILES FROM YOUR COMPUTER!!! You should only delete Google drive files through the browser. If you have questions about this, please contact Dave or Patty before you begin deleting.
      • Make sure you change your email on your Apple ID if it is set to your current school account.

If you have any questions, please contact Patty or Dave.  

Have a great summer!