Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Teacher Tech Options 2015-16

The CCS Technology department continuously focuses on using technology to advance student learning, and we believe that teacher choice, ownership and autonomy very much serve that mission.  In the spirit of this philosophy, we work to provide as many options for teachers as possible, while remaining fiscally responsible to the district and our patrons.

For 2015-16, we would like to offer the following options and programs for our certified staff.  Please keep in mind that if you have a newer computer (less than three years old), you may not be eligible yet for these options.  Please feel free to send me note if you are not sure.

Teacher Computers:

  1. No change  -  If you are satisfied with what you have and really do not want to go through any new changes, you may keep your current computer.
  2. BYOD  -  We implemented this program last year.  Details are here.
  3. New 13" MacBook Pro  -  It would be similar to this model.
  4. New 13" MacBook Air  -  It would be similar to this model.
  5. New PC (Windows 7)  -   It would be similar to the macs in price and features.

Teacher iPads:

At this time, we do not plan to replace any teacher iPads.  We should continue to have enough of the current model (iPad 2) for teachers for the next several years, and while we do plan to begin student upgrades next year, we believe the teachers' primary device will continue to be their computer.  However, we do plan to offer (pending board approval) the BYOD program to staff for iPads.  This will work in the same way as the computer BYOD program, with three-year reimbursement plan and a limit of $400.

Please share your thoughts with us...

While we won't take any of your answers as a full commitment, for planning purposes it would be very helpful to us if you would please share your preferences in this short survey.  Most of you have already answered the BYOD iPad program once and we apologize for the redundancy, but we are needing some solid numbers so that we may plan efficiently, and so that we can let the board know if there is demand for the program.  

Thank you so much for your time and all the hard work you provide for our students and our school!

Dave and Patty