Monday, August 18, 2014

CCS Staff Technology Intro for 2014-15

Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) and Acceptable Use

  • As a public school employee, you are not allowed to make use of school resources for personal gain (political, financial, etc).  This includes the use of school-owned devices, networks, or accounts.  
  • Please complete RUA form (sent in email to you or use the link here).
  • Monitoring - All network activity is recorded.  While we don’t have the resources to actively monitor this activity, we do have the ability to follow the history of any device connected to the school network.  

Social Media Guidelines

  • Don’t share secrets.
  • Protect your own privacy.
  • Be honest.
  • Respect copyright laws.
  • Be the first person to admit your mistakes.
  • Think about the consequences.
  • Don’t neglect your day job.
  • Remember that quality matters.
  • Don’t vent online!


Please note that legally the district owns these accounts and all content generated by them!
  • is your Google domain account.  Use for all Google tools and email.
  • first.last is Active Directory account (PC and computer network login).
    • used for PowerSchool, PowerTeacher, and eBackpack.
    • must log on to a school PC to change password, or request through email or helpdesk.
  • You may certainly use personal accounts at school (following responsible use).

BYOD Program

  • 7 staff are participating in the 14-15 program.
  • We plan to provide this opportunity again next year.
  • Click here for details about the program.

Printing Policies and Publication of Use

Not counting paper, printing and copying costs the district over $40,000 per year.
  • Printers - $0.0065 per page
  • Copiers - BW = $0.01 per page  Color = $0.04 per page
  • Scanning = free
  • Personal printing/copying rates posted at each copier.
PaperCut client shows the $ amount you have printed/copied for the year based on the above rates.

Monthly report will be sent which includes 10 highest users.

  • Use eBackpack and Google drive to avoid student printing
  • Use email or twitter for student notifications
  • Create a class blog or site 
  • Use scan to email to send copies to others
  • Make "going paperless" a class or personal goal

Student Information and Privacy

  • Do not release or expose personally identifiable student information to the public without permission from parents and administrators.

Resources for staff and students

  • School website 
  • School Facebook page
  • Twitter - #CozadMakers #Cozad21
  • Tech Cafe Blog - News and updates related to technology at CCS.
  • HowMakers website - How-to videos and posts for managing and integrating technology.
  • Help Desk - System for submitting technology assistance requests.
  • STaR assistants - Paraprofessional workers in libraries can provide student and staff assistance for basic tech and research questions.
  • Google search, YouTube, etc.