Friday, May 23, 2014

CCS Teacher Computer Preference

As we prepare the technology budget and plan for staff computer replacements in the coming school year, we'd like to have your input in terms of the computer you would most prefer to use for the next cycle of upgrades.

We feel we can offer 5 basic choices to you.  Please keep in mind that we are only in the planning stage and the budget may not allow for upgrading all teacher computers next year.

Option 1 would be to keep using a PC with Windows 7 installed.  This is what most teachers have had for the past few years.

Option 2 would be to upgrade to a new PC with Windows 8.  There is a learning curve going to Windows 8, but it is a more capable and modern OS than Windows 7.

Option 3 would be a basic Macbook Pro.  This would not be the retina-display version.  This would be the only option with an optical (DVD) drive.  Most laptops no longer come with this.

Option 4 would be a basic Macbook Air.  The Air is a thin, light laptop with about 8-10 hours of battery life.  It would be slightly less powerful than the Pro, but more mobile.  We would probably go with the 13 inch display version with 256 GB SSD.

Option 5 has not been finalized, but if we have enough interest I think we can get a staff BYOD program with reimbursement started.  I posted the original idea here.  There may be some modification of the upper limit (probably $1400).

Please take a minute to look these options over and complete this one-question survey to let us know your preferences.

Look for more information throughout the summer on the Tech Cafe blog at

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