Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CCS WiFi Network Info

At Cozad Community Schools, we use our WiFi networks to provide access to staff, students, and guests.  This post is meant to help you to understand which networks you can and should access.

The following networks are currently or will be available:

CCS Mobile

  • Password protected (ask a teacher or fellow student if you need the password)
  • Currently can access printers and file services and shares
  • All students and staff and any guests with the password can connect
  • Since our access points were updated on October 26, the previous connection problems with this network seem to be fixed.
  • This network will be removed in the next few weeks

CCS Public

  • Open network (no password required)
  • Provides full internet access, but no access to printers or other internal services
  • Suitable for students, guests and teachers who only need internet access
  • Easiest network connection for personal devices
  • This network replaces CCS Mobile and all previous guest networks
  • This network is available from 6 AM to 10 PM

CCS Private

  • Coming soon!
  • Provides full internet access, along with internal services such as printing and access to file shares.
  • Will require that you log in with your Active Directory account.  This is the same account you use to log into PowerSchool, Schoology, eBackpack, etc.
  • While students can connect to this network, there is no reason to do so unless you need to print (Note: printing is not allowed from personal student devices or iPads).  
  • Teachers should choose this network for their work computers and iPads

CCS Event

  • This is a special network for athletic and activities events
  • Intended for STRIV, media and statisticians
  • The password is only available through permission from the administration


  • This special network is only available in the HS commons for the lunch computers
  • Other than lunch computers, students and staff are not allowed on this network