Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Classroom Connections: Virtual Field Trip Opportunities for Cozad Classrooms

How cool would it be if you could take your classes on a trip to NASA, visit museums across the country or UNL's Morrill Hall, tour an agri-business, speak with a group of veterans, or visit with an acclaimed author?  Would it be even better if you didn't have line up transportation, get permission slips signed, or arrange meals?  What if there was little or no cost?

Image result for nasa spaceImage result for feedlotImage result for museum

These experiences ARE available today, through Virtual Field Trips (VFTs), and we would like to help you take your students on one (or more) of these amazing trips!  In fact, we'd like to make the process as easy as possible for you as a classroom teacher, so we'll keep it as simple as...

  1. Pick out a field trip and the dates that would work for your class(es).
  2. Complete this form.
  3. Enjoy the VFT!
We'll schedule things, get your computer set up, and make sure that everything works.  All you'll need to provide is your classroom computer connected to your projector.  We'll connect a conference camera with a quality microphone that will allow you and your students to interact with the presenter.

After the trip, we will ask that you complete a short reflection form for feedback on the experience.

That's it.  You can take as many trips as you like.  Please note that these experiences are designed for education, and most include both pre- and post- trip activities for your students. 

Please check out the selection of VFTs by following the link in #1.  If you are interested in one, please complete the form in #2, and we'll get everything lined up for you.

Feel free to contact Dave or Patty if you have questions or would like to visit with us first.


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