Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Should you take electronic candy from strangers?

Imagine if one of your friends told you there was a really creepy guy hanging out on the corner who was giving away free candy and soda.  You might be brave enough to go check this out, so you ask the creepy stranger if you can have some candy.  He says, "Sure!  Just let me look through your wallet or purse, please.  It will only take a second and I promise I will never use the information in it."
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Would you do it?  You might say no, but what if he offered you LOTS of candy?  What if he offered you UNLIMITED candy?  Would you be tempted?  He's not going to steal you wallet or the money you have in your purse.  He's just looking at (and recording) your information.

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Would you feel safe in this situation?  Would you give up your information?

Currently we have some users who are giving up their electronic Apple ID keys and other information to creepy strangers (check this post to see how it works).  They don't realize they are doing this, they think they're just getting free game rewards or tokens (electronic candy) that you normally have to pay for in the app store.  Is this dangerous?

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One thing that is generally true is that "free" is usually not free.  Some games are "free", but when you play them, you soon realize that "free" is just a way to get you to want something that you have buy.  This is not illegal, and many legitimate businesses use this model.  But in this model, the vendor is just after some of your hard-earned money.

If you are using a "free" hack to get something, you are not paying with money.  You are paying with something far more valuable.  You are paying with your private information.

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Think about what your private information is worth.  Think about what you could lose if someone stole your apple ID and purchased thousands of dollars worth of apps.  Think about what could happen if your apple ID information was enough to steal your identity and you could not get a loan for a new car, could not get into college, or could not get a job.

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This could easily happen if you share your information with creepy strangers.  It happens to thousands of people every day.  On the internet, the easiest way to steal things from people is to just ask them for it.

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