Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CHS 1-1 iPad Program Changes

     At Cozad Community Schools, we believe that modern teaching and learning practices often require age-appropriate student internet access.  We strive to provide universal student access at school  in the most cost-effective and student-centered way possible.  The Apple iPad mobile device has proven to be easily managed by students and teachers, provides a versatile range of teaching and learning tools, is strongly supported in education, and has offered the most affordable path in establishing a 1-1 student device learning environment.

iPad Take-home Changes

     We recognize the importance of modern technologies in student learning.  Unfortunately, severe budget reductions mean we can no longer provide a modern, capable device to every student at CHS. Faced with losing our successful 1-1 program, we have worked to develop several affordable options for students and parents.  For the time being, our current inventory allows us to provide devices at school.  Unfortunately, we can no longer provide home use or guarantee a device for every student.

     CHS will provide iPad access to all students in 2016-17, but the devices may be shared, and will remain at school.  There will be no cost to any student electing this option, and students will not be required to provide their own device.  If necessary, the school will provide extended hours for students to complete academic work before or after school.  This is referred to as Option 1 on the device intent form.

A Home Device is Important to Our Students

     Over 90% of our students surveyed tell us that it is important to them to have access to their learning outside of school.  We very much agree, but we also recognize that not all of our families have suitable devices or can afford to purchase devices for their CHS students through normal retail channels.  For this reason, we have worked to develop affordable purchasing and leasing options so that each student may have the opportunity to have exclusive use of a device and be able to take it home.  CHS will not require any student to purchase or lease a device.  As explained above, should the student elect to not purchase or lease a device, suitable devices will be provided at school.

     Should the student or parent wish to purchase or lease a device for individual use, we are excited to be able to provide affordable iPad options (Options 2 and 3 on the intent form).  Through our status as an educational institution and group purchasing power, we feel these purchase or lease options offer a more cost effective opportunity than is available to consumers.  These options are available to all 2016-17 CHS students.  Please note that Option 2 is contingent upon the availability of devices currently in the school inventory.  Please also note that students may participate in only one option.

Bring Your Own Device

     Another option for students is to bring their own device (BYOD) to school.  This can be a current family or student-owned iPad, a laptop computer, or a Chromebook.  This is referred to as Option 4 on the device intent form.

Please Let Us Know Your Plans

     Because we can only order devices for those who we know will be leasing, we ask that you and your student complete the 2016-17 device intent form and return it to the school by Friday, April 29, 2016.  Students will receive this document electronically, and paper copies will be provided upon request.  Parents and students may complete and sign this form electronically, or a paper copy may be returned to the high school office.

Access the device intent form here

Important!  If we do not receive your signed intent form, we must assume that the student will not be participating in the lease programs.  We cannot guarantee that devices will be available for lease at a later date!


Student Meetings:

  • Juniors - Thursday, April 7 during home room
  • Sophomores - Monday, April 11 during home room
  • Freshmen - Wednesday, April 13 during home room

Parent Meetings:

  • Thursday, April 14, 6:30 PM - CHS Auditorium
  • Wednesday, April 27, 6:30 PM - CHS Auditorium

Contact us...

Dave Evertson - Technology Director
  • 308-784-2746
Patty Wolfe - Technology Integration/iPad Coordinator
  • 308-784-2744
Bill Beckenhauer - HS Principal
  • 308-784-2744

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