Monday, April 25, 2016

Student Data Liberation

Graduating seniors face many changes in the coming months.  One change will be that graduates will lose their current school-issued iPads and accounts.  Please refer to the information in this blog to help you move your important data so that you will not lose access in the coming months.

School Accounts

  • Google apps - All CCS students have a google account with many different resources associated.  You may not use all of these resources, but if you have data that you will need in the future, it is important that you have a strategy to move that data to a private account.
    • Current account is
    • Accounts will be terminated on or about January 1, 2017.
    • Until termination, you will be able to log into your CCS google apps and services using your current username and password.
    • After termination, ALL data related to your account will be deleted and it cannot be recovered.
    • You will need access to a computer (not an iPad or other mobile device) to liberate your data.  Please feel free to use school computers for this purpose.  You will also need something to which you can save your data (like a usb drive, or you could save to a private dropbox account)
    • Google Takeout is the easiest way to do this.  
      • Here is a video how-to...
      • Log in with your current school account.
      • Select the format of the export file.
        • .zip is the easiest, but is limited to 2 GB (will create multiple files if you exceed 2 GB)
        • .tgz or .tbz can be larger, but may require special software to open.
      • Select the apps from which you want to export.
      • Edit the settings for each app if you don't want the defaults.
      • Select "Create Archive".  Google will create your archive files and email you when they are ready for download.  This may take many hours or days!
      • When your archive is done, you can download it to a usb drive or save in a dropbox account.  
      • After download, you can open the .zip file to pull your data out.  Docs get saved in MS office formats by default.  Mail can be imported into other mail clients.
    • Since this email address will go away, you should notify contacts as soon as you have an alternate email.
    • If you've used this email to create accounts for other services, you should update those account settings to reflect your new email account.

  • School computer/network account - You will lose access to this account around July 1.

  • eBackpack - You will lose access to this account around July 1.
    • Use a home computer to download any files you need to keep, or transfer those files to google drive before your archive.

  • iTunes/iCloud (Apple ID) - Since this is not a school-owned account, you will continue to have access to your Apple ID account.  However, you will lose access to your school email, so you should change the email address associated with your apple ID.  Here is a video that explains how to do this.  Note:  You need a private email account that you can access during this procedure.
    • Make sure you have a complete backup of your iPad before you turn it in.
    • In the future, you can restore from backup to any other iPad.
    • You can install purchased apps using this account on any other iPad.  This includes apps and books purchased for you by the school.

  • New accounts - Once you have a new account (at school, from employer, etc) you can import your old data from your archive files if needed.  You can also import google data into a private google account, if you have one.
    • Private gmail accounts are free and have all of the google apps.  Free storage is limited to 15 GB, but you can purchase more ($2 for 100 GB) if needed.
    • Organization accounts (and their data) are owned by the organization!  

  • Social media accounts
    • You should make sure your social media is "employer safe".  
      • Remove inappropriate posts, videos, etc.  
      • Check your privacy settings.
      • Remove connections to others who post inappropriate content.
      • Imagine an employer viewing all of your posts!
Need help or have questions?  
  • Mr. Evertson -
  • Ms. Wolfe -


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