Monday, May 4, 2015

Summer Take Home for Current 9-11 Graders

Students (Current Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors):

Please watch the following message from Mr. Beckenhauer in regard to the Summer and 2015-16 iPad Take Home:

If you do not wish to participate in the Summer Take-home Program, you will simply hand in your iPad on the last day of school and it will be returned to you when the 2015-16 school year begins. However, you will need to complete these items for take home during the school year.

Please note the following changes in the program from previous years:

  1. Students and their parents are now only required to attend ONE parent meeting in their CHS career. Current CHS students who take their iPads home are NOT required to attend another parent meeting. 
  2. 2015-16 students in grades 9-11 will be issued new iPads at some point in the summer or fall of 2015. The cases used for our current iPads will NOT work with the new iPads. Seniors will keep their current device. 
  3. The school will no longer provide mandatory iPad cases for the new iPad Air. We STRONGLY recommend that students purchase a case which will protect the iPad.
  4. The take-home fee which helps to cover repair costs has been reduced from $35 to $25. This fee covers ONE iPad repair per year. Subsequent repairs within a given school year are the financial responsibility of the student and parents. Typical repair costs are $100 - $130. Replacement cost is $379.
Cozad High School does NOT require students to participate in the take-home program. Students and parents may elect to leave the iPad at school, thus avoiding the take-home fee. However, students and their parents ARE still responsible for repair costs if the iPad is damaged due to negligence or lack of proper care while it is at school. If you elect to not pay the take-home fee, the student is not entitled to one free repair.

In order to participate in the iPad Summer Take-home Program, students and their parents must meet the following requirements.

  1. Watch the Video Message (above) from Mr. Beckenhauer. Please share this video with your parents.
  2. Sign and return the Device Take-home Program and Responsible Use Agreements. You and your parents must sign these agreements (also located in eBackpack) using your iPad. Make sure you have signed pages 3 and 5. Once signed, submit these forms electronically in ebackpack through the class titled "TECH001" (if you do not have this class, please see Mrs. Wolfe). 
  3. Pay the $25 iPad take-home use fee for 2014-15. The school will accept cash or checks, and will provide you with a receipt upon payment. This fee MUST be paid by the final day of school, May 22nd, 2015 for the student to participate in the Summer Take-home Program. Please bring your payment to Mrs. Wolfe or the High School Office (envelopes are provided for payment). 

The student iPad must be in good repair and working order. If the student’s current iPad is in need of repair due to a cracked or broken screen or other significant hardware damage, it MUST be repaired through the 2014-15 Take-home Program before the student will be eligible for the 2015-16 program. Students have been notified to schedule these repairs with the tech staff before May 8, 2015. For more information, please check out the announcement previously sent to students.

For more information regarding CHS iPad Summer Take Home, you can read this early Announcement

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