Thursday, April 9, 2015

CHS Parent & Student iPad Information

At Cozad High School we strive to make our students life-long learners and prepare them to enter the world of the 21st century as responsible and productive adults.  We see exciting opportunities for student education through the use of mobile technologies and cloud computing.

To that end, we provide to each student a mobile device (Apple iPad).  While we require the device to be used by the student at school, we also provide the option to the parent of allowing the device to be taken home after school, on weekends, and to be kept throughout the summer.

Here are the key features of the CHS Haymaker 1-1 iPad program:


  • Students will be loaned an iPad which may be used for both academic and personal use.   We allow the iPad to be taken home, provided a parent or legal guardian and the student sign the required agreements and pay the annual $25 use fee.  This fee is required to help us keep student repair costs down, as the school will pay for one repair or replacement in case of damage or accident each school year.  Students and parents are responsible for additional loss or damages.  You may choose to not pay the fee, in which case the student will not be allowed to take the iPad home, but will have it for use during the school day.  Please note that students and parents are still financially responsible for repairs or replacements required due to negligence or misuse, even if you do not participate in the take-home program.
  • Parents and students are required to attend one parent meeting before take-home privileges will be granted.  The purpose of these meetings will be to explain the program and updates, answer your questions, and to complete the necessary paperwork for your student to participate in the program.  Parent and student must attend together unless alternative arrangements are made with Mr. Beckenhauer.  Dates and times will be announced through the school web site, email, and other school communication outlets.
  • Students who violate the Take-home Agreement or Responsible Use Agreement or classroom iPad rules at any time during the school year may have their iPad confiscated by the teacher, administrator, or technical personnel.  In such cases the student will be provided with an alternate method for meeting daily classroom requirements.  In addition, the student may be required to attend a STOPiT class.

iPad Care/Protection/Repair

  • We strongly recommend that the student provide a protective case for their iPad.  Please note that the older cases will not work with the newer iPads (grades 9-11).
  • Damaged or lost iPads are the responsibility of the student and their parent or guardian.  If damage is caused by obvious negligence or abuse, the student will be charged for the cost of repair or replacement.  Final determination of abuse or neglect is at the sole discretion of the building principal and district technical staff.  
  • In cases of accidental breakage, loss or theft that is NOT determined to be negligent or willful on the part of the student, a replacement device will be provided at no cost to the student for the first incident each year, provided they are participating in the take-home program and have paid the $25 fee.  Subsequent incidents are subject to the cost of repair (typically $100 - $130) or replacement ($379).  In extenuating circumstances, the building principal may elect to reduce the liability amount for the second repair within a given school year.

Student Accounts and Resources

  • Students will have individual google and Apple ID accounts assigned and will be required to use a wide variety of communication tools and applications, which will be provided by the school at no cost to the student.
  • Various learning management tools will be provided to staff and students to make it possible to send and receive assignments, communicate, collaborate and create content.
  • Various educational apps will be provided to staff and students through the district’s volume purchase program and the app request procedure.  These will include, but are not limited to, electronic textbooks in certain classes.
  • Student content, along with certain books and applications provided by the school shall become the sole property of the student, to be used and available throughout their academic career, both at Cozad High School and beyond.
  • We strongly encourage you to discuss this program with your student and we ask you to monitor your student's device usage and social networking activity outside of school. 


  • Our philosophy at Cozad High School is that we must provide rich, authentic, and individualized learning experiences for all of our students.  To that end, we require responsible use and behavior on the part of our students.  Each student and staff member must sign a Responsible Use Agreement each year.
  • The school provides wireless access and internet filtering services for use on campus.  The school is not responsible for providing connection or filtering services to students off-campus or at home.   We strongly encourage and support parents in providing home supervision of student electronic activities.
  • The school maintains resources to manage school iPads, computers and other devices.  These resources allow us to determine installed applications and network access history while the student is at school.  While we can monitor what the student has installed on their device, and we can monitor network access while at school, it is impossible to provide continuous supervision of online behavior.  Our philosophy is to teach responsible behavior to our students and to hold them accountable for their actions in all areas of civil behavior.
  • We support and encourage parents to:
    • Follow or join social media networks used by their child.
    • Establish rules for home use of electronic devices and communication outlets regardless of the device.
    • Communicate with their child about responsible online behavior.
    • Investigate and understand the risks and benefits of participation in social media and online activities.
    • Model positive and responsible digital citizenship at all times.


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