Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Great Plains Google Summit 2014

Our final Professional Development conference of the summer is quickly approaching.  We have 17 staff registered to attend the Great Plains Summit featuring Google for Education, held at Lincoln Southwest High School in Lincoln, NE.  The conference dates are Thursday and Friday, July 17-18, 2014.   Those attending the conference are:

Tech Team

Karen Berreckman
Keely Reinert
Kyle Vincent
Marcie Kostrunek
Patty Wolfe
Dave Evertson

English Department

Beth Carver
Logan Morris
Jann Kloepping
Joy Sprimont

High School

Nick Auwerda
Alisa Favinger
Dustin Favinger
Chris Weddel


Bill Beckenhauer
Jill Beckenhauer
Cory Spotanski

Travel Information

School transportation will depart from the West parking lot of the high school at 6 PM on Wednesday, July 16.  

School vehicles will depart for Cozad immediately following the last session of the conference on Friday, July 18.  ETA for arrival back in Cozad is between 7 & 8 PM.

Information for Attendees

ALL attendees, please complete this form by Thursday, July 10!

Holiday Inn, Downtown in the Lincoln Haymarket

We will plan to eat as a group on Wednesday evening after hotel check-in.  Each attendee will receive a stipend for three evening meals (W, Th, F).  Breakfast and lunch are provided at the conference.

Please dress professionally for both conference days.

Conference Schedule & Map
They have not released the final schedule, but they have provided a sneak peek.

Here is the schedule from last year, which will give you a good idea of how it works.

There is a stadium reception at Memorial Stadium with a meal provided for $10 if you are interested.  Details are here, click on "Stadium Reception" and follow the red link if you would like to order tickets.

What to bring:
While the iPad is great for notes, some google apps work best on a computer.  You may want to bring your laptop instead of your iPad, but you don't have to.


We ask that each attendee post a reflection or summary of their conference experience here as a way to share thoughts and resources with others.  Please have this done by Friday, May 2nd.

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