Tuesday, June 10, 2014

PowerSchool EOY, Summer, and SOY Procedures

I will perform the EOY process the week of July 7-11.  Please do not plan on major work in PowerSchool for that week.  

I need to know all retentions BEFORE EOY please!

After EOY, all students will be in their correct 2014-15 grade level and the HS and MS schedules will be finalized.  Elementary scheduling can be done any time after EOY, but I still need to know the retentions before EOY.

If enrolling new students during the summer, please use 8/1/2014 as the school enrollment date and the 2014-15 grade level.  Course enrollment dates will be the first day the class meets, which is determined by the course set up during scheduling.  You will only need to enter that date if you are enrolling a student in specific classes.

If you enroll a student for 2014-15 during the summer using 8/1/14 as the enrollment date, they will be pre-registered and will not be active in the system until 8/1.  If you need to find the student you will need to use the "/" character.

Please DO NOT transfer students out during the summer unless they left BEFORE the end of the 2013-14 school year.  Even if you know a student will not be back, they need to be transferred out AFTER the EOY process is run and the school year starts, unless they are actually attending another school in the summer.  Summer transfer dates mess up state reporting.

Click here If you want to look ahead to the tasks that will need to be done in August before school starts.

I will update this post as needed, you may want to bookmark it in your browser.  Please feel free to leave comments.

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