Sunday, April 6, 2014

Student Printing from Autocad LT in the Wellness Center DL Lab

If you need to print from Auto cad LT 2004 in the distance learning lab in the wellness center, please follow these instructions:

Choose File - Plot
To print directly to the HS library, choose Default Windows System Printer as the plotter.  Your plot will print in the HS library.  You should have your name on the plot.


To save your plot as a PDF file so you can print it later, upload it to ebackpack or google drive, or email it to your instructor, choose Adobe PDF as the plotter.

If the "Save file" dialog box does not pop up, click on the dialog in the system tray at the bottom of your screen...

In the left pane, choose computer, then your home drive.  Type a name for the file and choose save.

Now the PDF file can be accessed from any student computer and can be printed, saved to eBackpack or google drive, or it may be emailed to the instructor.

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