Thursday, April 3, 2014

Graduating Seniors - iPad Announcement

CHS graduating seniors:

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!  As your final year at CHS comes to a close, you will soon have to part with your iPad.  We want to remind you that you will not be allowed to check out unless you turn in your iPad, and that it must be in good condition.  All buttons and ports should work, the screen must not be cracked or broken, and there should be no major defects to the aluminum body.  In addition, you must return your charger and your case/cover.  We understand that these will be worn.

If you have NOT had a repair this year, we will repair your iPad for you.  If you have already used your repair, we will get it repaired for you, but YOU are responsible for the cost and you will not be checked out or released from school until you have paid for that repair.

In either case, it is to your advantage to have your iPad repaired or at least the damage reported to us BEFORE May 1st.

So, if you iPad needs to be repaired, PLEASE let us know by May 1st!

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