Monday, February 15, 2016

CCS Technology Budget Plan

With our looming budget difficulties, we've tried to create a three year plan with the following objectives:

1.  Preserve existing programs that directly impact teaching and learning.
2.  Eliminate as much spending as possible for the remainder of this year.
3.  Eliminate as much spending as possible for 16-17.
4.  Transition to a stable budget which is more sustainable from 17-18 and beyond.

You may view the current technology budget proposal here.

Steps to preserve cash for 2015-16

  • Freeze current expenditures as much as possible
  • Eliminate the ISTE 2016 conference in Denver for Innovation Team members.
  • Savings of approximately $8000

Steps to reduce spending for 2016-17

  • Freeze spending on student devices
  • Freeze spending on teacher devices
  • Transition HS to BYOD 
  • We hope to resume ISTE for Innovation Team members in 2017
  • Savings of approximately $163,000

Steps to reduce spending for 2017-18 and beyond

  • Maintain iPad program grades 1-8, resuming 4 year refresh cycle
  • Resume teacher device replacement
  • Annual savings compared to now of approximately $88,000 

Recommendation to administration for savings outside of technology budget

  • Eliminate unneeded telephone lines and reduce long distance calls by using Google tools (free long distance in the US) - Potential savings of $10,000 per year.
  • Reduce printing by 50% - Potential savings of $5000 per year


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