Friday, August 14, 2015

Grades 9-11 Student iPad Refresh

Welcome back students!

All students at CHS in grades 9-11 will be receiving new (replacement) iPads during the first week of school.

Procedure:  Students will receive their new iPad in its original packaging during their English or Academy classes.  Tech staff will provide the students with a label, on which they will write their name, and this will be affixed to the back of the ipad.  Students will retain their old iPad until Monday, August 24.  This will give you a chance to set up your new iPad while still being able to use your old one.  Our normal policies for breakage and repair will be in effect for both iPads, so please note that you are responsible for breakage or damage on BOTH iPads while they are in your possession.

Mrs. Wolfe has created a video to cover the steps necessary for setting up your new iPad.  Many of you may not need these specific instructions, but we want them to be available to you if you do.  Please do not plan on setting them up right away because we're sure your English teachers have other things for you to do!  You will have several days to get switched over, and we will have help available to you before and after school.


Wednesday, August 19th - Junior classes and the English/Social Studies academy class will receive iPads.

Thursday, August 20th - Sophomore English classes.

Friday, August 21st - Freshmen English classes.


YOU are responsible for providing a case for your new iPad!  The model is the iPad Air.  Please make sure you do not purchase a case for any other iPad (iPad2,3, or 4, iPad mini, or iPad Air 2), because they will NOT work.

Your old iPad AND charger will need to be returned on Monday, August 24th.  You are financially responsible for loss or damage to your old iPad and charger until they are turned in to us.  

Keep your new iPad in its original cardboard case until you have a new case for it.

If you have questions, please contact or

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