Thursday, January 15, 2015

NeSA Testing on iPads

As you may be aware, Cozad Community Schools is planning on using iPads for NeSA RSM testing (reading, science, and math) this spring.  This does NOT include the NeSA W (writing) test, which will be done on computers.  This will affect elementary teachers in grades 3-5, middle school English, science and math teachers, and high school English, science and math teachers who teach juniors.

As we approach the testing window, we will meet with the building principals to demonstrate the testing process.  We will then meet with testing staff at each level to demonstrate and have you practice.  It will be important to have your students take a practice test at least one week before testing.  We will provide further details when we meet with you.

You and your students will be receiving the NeSA app through our MDM deployment system.  You and your students need to accept the installation of the app, which is called NE-INSIGHT.  You may want to be checking with your students to see if they have received the app, and if they haven't, they will need to see Mrs. Wolfe or Mr. Evertson.

If you are interested in using Check-for-Learning (C4L), your students will use the same app (NE-INSIGHT) to do this.  C4L and practice tests are available as soon as the app is installed.

Please stay tuned for further updates as we approach the testing window.

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